Roof of galvalum with Advantages and disadvantages

Each building construction material used to build houses, it certainly has disadvantages and advantages, both in terms of strength, beauty, and others. Similarly, the roof Galvalum. Roof Construction Galvalum or mild steel has been tested by an independent research institute that carried out by some experts over a period of many years, and the results that have passed the test of strength and pass the test relating to human safety element.

If we compare between Galvalum roof framework structure with a wooden base frame structure, the use of lightweight steel roof framework Galvalum will have a different comparison values ​​from the standpoint of every pemaikaiannya. This possibility may occur, depending on the location of the installation and production costs incurred to bring the material material.

And the weakness of lightweight steel roof Galvalum when compared with wood construction, the roof Galvalum will absorb more heat, which can affect the temperature inside the room than with wood. And it also depends on the location of the house, which is located in the area of ​​non-tropical or tropical climates.

Other shortcomings of the Roof Galvalum is still a lack of Human Resources (HR) can do Galvalum roof truss installation, so that the cost of installation of lightweight steel roof Galvalum higher when compared with wood material.

While the advantages of using material Lightweight steel roof Galvalum tidap eaten by termites and nonporous / obsolete, so it does not require special treatment within a certain timeframe.

Termites are a scourge for everyone who has a home with wood frame construction. Wardrobe will be obsolete and clothes would smell musty / damp. And much more severe if the termites attacking your house roof frame, so it can affect the tile load is quite heavy.

The solution that is lightweight steel roof truss (roof Galvalum) or light steel frame. Where the material is made of a stainless base material with a mixture of zinc and aluminum or zincalum. Material zincalum already mass produced in Indonesia.

Galvalum roof framework consists of a long slab with a profile that is diverse in size and shape that corresponds to the function of each of the roof frame structure Galvalum. Examples for profiles or main frame trusses and purlins, this profile typically have the form of “I” or “U” upside down and have the greatest size.

While the batten serves to bind trusses and purlins, wherein the position of transverse battens on horseback riding and gording, so membentu a solid framework and strong. Batten plate is a frame profile galvalum smallest. Its function is as a place to prop up the roof tiles or other roof types, as well as the spacer tiles to be more orderly.

Another advantage of Materials Frame Roof light if using Galvalum ie more than the other roof frame materials, and have a resistance to compression and tensile strength superior.

With the standardization of systems and assembly factories are so highly efficient and practical framework Galvalum Lightweight steel roof can meet the demands of the market, where speed and accuracy is a better value resulting from Galvalum Roofing products.

With this manufacturing standard system, a lightweight steel frame Galvalum roof can be done in advance or at the commencement of the construction of the building of mosques or download one example when digging foundations or implementation of development poles. And when mounting the walls of buildings that have reached a certain stage desired, Galvalum lightweight steel roof frame ready to be produced and assembled before being placed in position.

However, with a system of manufacturing still has a variety of obstacles and shortcomings. Although it has been assembled to perfection and meticulous precision, other problems will be obtained at the time of installation.

The main problem that most of us have encountered is the lack of precision on the exact certain level at the time of installation of the masonry or concrete beams as a place holder horse Galvalum the roof frame. Thus, it is necessary once a revised form of fillings, booster, or piercing and trimming on the part of the less level.

The advantages of roof Galvalum as the best solution of your roof:

The loads are light, so that the burden is borne by other constructions such as foundations, walls, and columns do not need to worry about.
Zincalum material resistant to termites, porous and moist.
Roofing Galvalum relatively quickly.
Zincalum is not spread out or up the fire (non-combustible), this is because the material contained zincalum special protection system called “Fire Resistance”.
Material zincalum not have value as well as on the expansion of wood shrinkage.
Galvalum roof is more efficient and economical, because it does not require special care and has a long durability compared to wood materials.While the lack of a roof Galvalum namely:
Frame Roof Mounting System Galvalum denser, so it looks less attractive if it is not covered by the ceiling.
Special skills are required in the assembly process and installation.

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