Four Rugs for Her New House

When my daughter moved into her first house, she was so excited. She wanted to make some changes but the owner told her that she could not paint the walls or lay down carpeting, even though she was going to use her own money to do it. She was disheartened, but I told her to not worry about it, that there were still ways that she could decorate without making permanent changes. I showed her a store online that sells rugs in Glasgow, and she loved what she saw. She realized that she did not have to buy carpeting for the entire room when an area rug could transform how a room looks just as well.

The best part about that idea too was the cost. She was going to spend a whole lot more if she had purchased carpeting, but she was able to select several rugs, one for each of four rooms, for a fraction of the cost. She also had fun picking out the rugs that she was going to get. For the living room, she went with a cream colored rug that she has put under two chairs and the coffee table, and it looks brilliant.

For the dining room, she opted for a black and white patterned rug that looks amazing next to her table. She was going to put it under the table until she saw some pictures on the site that had rugs to the side of dining tables, and we both really liked how that looked. For her bedroom, she chose an orange shag rug that matches her bedspread as if it was custom made. Finally, for her bathroom, she chose a wool black rug with a white pattern. They all look gorgeous, and I am going to browse the site to get some for myself too!